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Nerissa Hutchinson

Member, Advisory Council

Nerissa is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner and currently a student at Ryerson University with plans to pursue her Masters degree in Psychology.

She’s a dedicated advocate for people with disabilities and disability rights stemming from her experience as the mother of children with Autism and ADHD. Nerissa works supporting youth, children and families with navigating and seeking out the best social services available to assist family’s unique challenges within their communities. She is also a mentor for Community Living youth mentorship program.

Nerissa was also a Board Director of the Canadian Council of Natural Mothers (CCNM) providing support and assistance for adult adoptees, adoptive relatives and fostered individuals.

In her spare time, Nerissa is an avid runner and hiker who enjoys painting, sketching and designing Steampunk jewellery and accessories.

Nerissa Hutchinson
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