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Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support

"It takes a village to raise a child " - African Proverb

Our Story

Our organization understands that families caring for someone with special needs often face many challenges, including a lack of emotional support, isolation, funding, resources, and making new friends. For families in racialized communities who have a child with special needs, finding help can be especially difficult. 


That's why the Black Parents of Children and Adults with a Disability Support Group (BPSG) was created in November 2020. Our goal is to provide a safe space for families of African descent to come together, share resources and expertise, and support one another through the unique and often challenging journey of raising Black children or supporting a sibling of any age with a disability.


Our group was intentionally developed to meet the distinctive needs of parents and caregivers who are Black and raising a child with special needs. We chose the name Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support because we wanted a name that represents our values and would grow with us as we continue to serve our community.


Sawubona, pronounced sow:'bɔh:nah, not sah:woo:boh:na, is a Zulu greeting that means "I see you." It's more than just a polite phrase – it's about recognizing the worth and dignity of each person. Our organization intends to provide a safe space for families to network, build connections, problem-solve, and reduce isolation. To feel seen in a society that often makes them feel invisible. 

We're committed to creating a kind and welcoming environment for all families, including those with disabilities or other accessibility needs. We want everyone to feel comfortable and supported when they join our group.


If you're a family of African descent with a child or adult with a disability, we invite you to join us at Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support. We're here to help you connect with others, share your experiences, and find your support.

Project is funded by

Ontario Trillium Foundation
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       Clovis and Sherron Grant are parents of 2 adult children, one of whom has special needs. Sherron is an elementary school principal and Clovis is the CEO of 360°kids, an organization serving homeless youth in York Region. Clovis and Sherron are also proud grandparents, avid travelers and foodies.

Head Shot of Sherron, co-founder

Sherron Grant
Executive Director

Sherron has been an educator and advocate for persons with special needs for over 17 years. She has experience on SEAC and has sat on various committees with different disability associations.  

Headshot of Clovis, co-founder

Clovis Grant

Clovis has provided leadership in the Human Services sector for over 25 years in the areas of homelessness, employment, social assistance, mental health and disabilities.

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