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Mission & Vision

Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support is an incorporated non-profit organization that aims to EMPOWER Black caregivers of individuals with disabilities and their families to use their voice and create change.  We EDUCATE families on services, resources and expertise available to them and their family members. We EDUCATE systems to better connect with Black families through decolonized and better informed practices of support to Black families and their systems of support.  We ENLIGHTEN as we build a strong community of support for Black families to remain hopeful for the future for their loved one.​


The MISSION of Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support is to cultivate and improve the self efficacy of Black caregivers of persons with a disability and their families by providing necessary resources and support.


Sawubona's VISION is for every Black caregiver of a family member with a disability to feel a sense of belonging. 


Partnership - We are stronger together. 

Cultural Safety - We build relationships through trust, respect and honesty. 

Optimism - We believe a better future is possible. 

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