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"I am because we are"


Based in the GTA and here to serve families of African decent where they are.

If you have a question or comment, please complete the message box below and SUBMIT. 

- West African Proverb



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Please note that this is a volunteer-run group. While we will endeavour to reply to you quickly, please understand that a response may take time.

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I missed out on so much with my IT issues and my daily putting out fires. And yet, it was comforting to know someone was there for ME, even if it was for a simple question I needed answered it helped to release the mental pressures… Stay Blessed.

- Parent, KF

Thanks… as you guide us with encouragement, inspiration and information. Sawubona (we see you). Enjoy your day.

- Parent, TR

The possibility of even being heard and in engagement with other Black folks for support, settled me just by interrupting the surreal sense of complete invisibility and displacement I normally feel in my everyday here in Canada. What has stayed is the feeling that someone saw me, worked and cared to hear me, and broke that isolation for that time by being sincerely “present” and being there. Thank you … You gave me more than shared problem solving for the issue at hand. You gave me community in that shared moment.

- Parent, K

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