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Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

According to The Education Act, every board of education in Ontario is required to have a Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC). This committee is made up of volunteer representatives from local associations that work to further the interests and well-being of one or more groups of exceptional children or adults. The SEAC representatives make recommendations to the boards of education about the establishment and development of special education programs and services for exceptional students. 

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) logo

In partnership with and under the umbrella of our provincial affiliate, ONABSE (Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators), where we have parent/caregiver members with a child currently in the school system, we are seeking to have representation on the local SEAC. Sawubona Africentric Circle of Support SEAC representatives act as liaisons between our organization and school boards across Ontario inclusive of English public and catholic systems. We are seeking to eventually have representation on the French speaking boards as well.  

Representatives attend monthly school board SEAC meetings and act as the voice for Black students living with a disability in Ontario by raising issues affecting the Black and disabled community and not act as advocates for individual students or families. SEAC representatives advise school boards on policies affecting students with a variety of learning styles and exceptional needs, with a view to getting issues resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. 
SEAC representatives are appointed by Sawubona’s Advisory Council and accepted by the school board for up to a 4 year term. 

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